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Our review of VaporFi

If you have been trying to quit off late, you must be looking for an e-cig brand that can help you achieve your cigarette-smoking goals. In your research you must have come across several names, but VaporFi would have definitely attracted your attention.

Indeed, with a help of effective electronic cigarette you can actually improve your chances of living a tobacco-free life and this exactly what VaporFi provides. An all-American electronic cigarettes brand, VaporFi offers highly innovatively designed e-cig models. The brand also offers purest e-liquid, which is exclusively made in the United States. You also get plenty of other accessories to complement your chosen e-cig starter kits.

VaporFI Review

VaporFi carry an unparalleled combination of flavors that cannot be matched with any other brand in the industry. Each and every kit is designed keeping in mind the expectations of users from their first hand experience. In this VaporFi review, we’ll take a look at incredible selection of e-cig models and kits offered by this brand.

E-Cig Design

A typical VaporFi e-cig consists of three parts; atomizer, cartomizer, and battery. The cartomizer holds the bottle of e-liquid, atomizer heats the liquid and vaporizes it, whereas the battery supplies power to keep the e-cig functional.

VaporFi offers six different starter kits, ranging from basic ones to high-end ones made suitable for all type of users. These kits are named as:

  • Express Starter kit
  • Air Starter Kit
  • Pro Starter Kit
  • Jet Starter kit
  • Pulse Starter Kit
  • Rebel Starter Kit

The price of starter kits begins from $29.99 and goes up to $179.99. The Express Starter kit is priced at $29.99, being one of the cheapest of the lot. On the other hand, Rebel Starter Kit is the most expensive one which will cost you $179.99. The content of all the kits differ invariable from each other in terms of product offerings and accessories.

E-Cig Juice Flavors

Needless to say, being one of the most popular American e-cig manufacturers, VaporFi offers a unique blend of flavors in variety of ways. Users get to decide the flavors they want as per their personal preferences. If you want a strong hit, you also get the option to choose nicotine strength cartridge as well. Some of the flavors available at VaporFi include:

  • Peaches n’ Cream
  • Juicy fruit
  • Blended mojito
  • Berry bash
  • Creamsicle
  • Blueberry cheesecake
  • Double apple hookah

The best thing about VaporFi  e-cigs is that the e-liquid flavors can be customized, allowing you to mix flavors made specifically for you.

As far as batteries are concerned, VaporFi offers a good range of standard and high capacity batteries. A standard battery will give you 18-20 hours of vaping on full charge, while the high capacity battery will last much longer. However, the accurate time span will totally depend upon the battery life and usage.


  • The Puff tracking meter tracks how many puffs the user takes or should take.
  • Battery meter tells you how the remaining life of the battery while you are using the e-cig. This is to ensure that you never run out of the smoke.
  • Plenty of options for flavors of e-liquid starting right from fruit, desserts, tobacco, mint, menthol.
  • E-liquid flavors are customizable with over 30k possible flavor combinations
  • Sleek and simple design.
  • Reasonably priced and cost-effective as compared to other similar products available in the market


We actually couldn’t find any negative points to list out here. Vapor Fi actually makes a perfect e-cig for all those looking for a pleasant experience.

Bottom Line

All in all, VaporFi is the best you can find in the available price range. It looks modern, sleek and makes a very good style statement. This e-cig brand is recommended for everyone looking forward to quit traditional smoking habit. You get the advantage of exploring tons of awesome options with six different kits. The incredible selection of kits, massive e-juice options and tanks make it a perfect e-cig brand for any user. What else, you can make your own customized flavor.

There are approximately 30k probabilities of flavor combination to explore and you never know if you might end up making a unique one for yourself too. There are plenty of online communities and forums that will definitely agree with our VaporFi review verdict. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your first e-cig and say no to your traditional, harmful smoking habit.