E-Liquid Safety Tips

e-liquid safety

Vaping is a very common practice among American citizens. However, vaping comes with various risks that you cannot afford to ignore. In the discussion below, we have outlined some of the best e-liquid safety tips.

Understand your e-liquid battery

You need to understand your e-liquid batteries if at all you want to be on the safe side. The most dangerous part of using electronic cigars is the lithium ion batteries. Although some brands come with built- in batteries, if you have plans of using replaceable batteries, it is important to do the calculation of your batteries. In simple words, the discharge rate of your battery should never exceed the maximum discharge rating

Avoid filling e-liquid bottles with hot sauce and reusing them

In case you decide to reuse your e-liquid bottles, it is not advisable to wash them for vaping purposes later on. Reusing your e-liquid bottle will give you a bad taste. If you decide to reuse the bottles, avoid washing them so that you can continue to use them for vaping in future.

Avoid carrying e-liquid batteries in your pocket

Some vape enthusiasts tend to carry e-liquid batteries in their pockets, which is very risky. A set of keys or coins can complete the circuit without your knowledge thus making it very dangerous. If you must carry the batteries, ensure that you have a battery case.

Stay hydrated

As much as you enjoy vaping, this practice can leave you dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to remain hydrated by drinking plenty amount of water on a daily basis. Dehydration can cause short term as well as long term health complications
Keep your e-liquids away from kids

E-liquids contain flavors that are likely to make them attractive to children. However, certain levels of nicotine have negative impact on children making them very dangerous. You should do everything you can to keep e-liquid bottles away from your kids.

Do not leave batteries under extreme heat

Leaving e-liquids in hot cars can lead to fire outbreaks. It is recommended that you keep the batteries in an environment where they will not heat up easily. If you have plans of leaving your car under the sun for hours, ensure that you remove the e-liquids.

Embrace proper charging etiquette

Choosing the best charger for your e-liquid is among the best e-liquid safety tips that you should never ignore. Cheap e-liquid chargers can overcharge your batteries thus making them highly susceptible to accidents.

If your mod acts strangely, buy another one

In case you are worried about your mod acting in a weird manner, it can be a good idea to find another one as soon as possible. Moreover, you should shop for quality vaping device to avoid many issues.

Ensure your batteries are wrapped up properly
Faulty wraps on the positive or negative contacts on the battery can lead to accident because of shorting. To avoid this, you should been keen on your e-liquid battery wraps.

In summary, vaping has a number of risks. To be on the safe side, you need to embrace certain practices. Some of the best practices including ensuring that you wrap up your batteries properly, buying high quality chargers and keep them away from children among others.

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